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Santa Cruz Science & Engineering Fair Student Registration

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     Registration deadline: February 9, 2018.

     Science & Engineering Fair Guide

Each team member must complete their own registration form.

First Name  *
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Last Name  *
Gender      Male   Female  *
School Name  *
If your school is not listed, please choose "Other" in the dropdown list and add your school name in the "Other School" field.
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If registering as a team, list first and last name of other team members.

Team Member One: First Name
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Project Abstract Outline

Each person registering must submit an abstract.

Detailed abstract instructions here

Submit the components of the abstract below. An abstract is a BRIEF summary (fewer than 300 words) of the purpose of your project, your experimental/design procedures, key findings or data, and significant conclusions that can be drawn from evidence you have collected. Your abstract is very important. Your judges will receive your abstract before the Fair, so they can preview your work.
See examples of abstracts.

1. Objective or Goal  *
A.) State the goal or purpose of the project.
B.) State the objective or investigative question.
C.) State the hypothesis.

2. Materials and Methods  *
A.) List the materials and amounts used in the design and testing procedures.
B.) List the steps of the procedure.
C.) Briefly describe your experiment.

3. Results  *
Summarize the results of your experiment and indicate how they pertain to your objective.

4. Conclusion  *
Indicate whether your results support your hypothesis or enable you to attain your objective. Discuss briefly how information from this project expands our knowledge about the category subject.

5. Help Received (if applicable)
Give the names of mentors, institutions and people who helped with the project. Indicate the level of support you received from each person who helped with the project.